Shoe Surgeon School

4-Day Decon/Recon Course - Air Jordan 1 (2019)


Over the course of four days I learned how to piece together an Air Jordan 1 under the guidance and instruction of Dominic Chambrone AKA The Shoe Surgeon, and his team of highly skilled instructors. 

SSSS November 2019-1385.jpg

Day 1

  • Removed the soles from a donor pair using acetone.

  • Selected swatches of material. 

  • Cut out all our pattern pieces.

  • Prepared for sewing on day 2.

Day 2

  • Skived overlapping edges to reduce bulk. 

  • Given a crash course in sewing and briefly practiced. 

  • Stitched together half of the upper.

  • Added foam inside the collar and applied the liner.

Day 3

  • Punched holes for ventilation and laces.

  • Completed the tongue.

  • Closed the upper and stretched it over a last.

  • Shaved excess leather from the bottom for a better glue bonding surface.

Day 4

  • Marked around the sole for a glue guideline.

  • Let glue tack up and placed shoes in an oven before applying sole.

  • Once sole was applied we stitched it to the upper and complete the shoe!

Behind The Design

At The Shoe Surgeon School I was able to choose my own materials and colors. With this much freedom I wanted every aspect of the shoe to tell my story. 

“Secret Weapons”

My dad use to always refer to new shoes as secret weapons. Losing him in 2017 was the hardest obstacle I’ve ever faced but I can still hear him saying “you may not realize this but I’m you’re biggest fan.” Even though he left us early in my journey, I continue to push forward and do my best to make him proud.


Written Inside The Sole

I paid tribute to my family, my love Nicole, C.Q. (Mom and Dad's side of the family) plus a star for all those who have supported me as I chase down a dream.


White Toe

Positive outlook on the future, staying optimistic, and new opportunities ahead.


Black Heel

Putting adversity, hardship, and obstacles behind me. I also chose suede because it reminded me of a moccasin I tried to make several years ago that didn’t work out.



Tan represents the Manila folder I carry around. It has given me a place to stash my ideas, keep up with to-do lists, and that commitment has sparked several design opportunities.


Olive Green

I chose olive green because the mild aesthetic is similar to my laid back personality. It represents growth, toughness and positivity.


Black Stitching

The detail this contrast created reminded me of a path seen on treasure maps and much like those maps there are few if any straight lines.



Just a touch of my favorite color.